Registration Entitlement Letter

Thank you for your enquiry to register at Stovell House Surgery. It is at the GPs discretion to accept you onto our Patient register.

NHS Regulations & Guidelines

The Regulations concerning entitlement to NHS General Medical Services are: The National Health Service (General Medical Services) Regulations 1992, Statutory Instrument No. 635, as amended. Also the General Practitioners Committee paper “Overseas visitors – Who do you treat” and the Department of Health NHS Guidance Gateway Ref 7587 dated 13 December 2006.

Everyone is eligible for:

  • Emergency Care
  • Immediate & Necessary Treatment

If you are seen by a GP under either of these categories it does not entitle you to permanently register with the practice. Should you need further treatment with the necessary documentation you can register with us, it you cannot provide these, we will see you as a private patient and you will be charged accordingly.

You are entitled to the full range of NHS Services if you are ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom (In the UK lawfully, voluntarily and as part of your settled life.) this is irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, or previous payment of UK taxes and National Insurance.

A person who intends to stay in the UK for less than six months would not usually be regarded as ordinarily resident and therefore would not be eligible to full registration.

Asylum seekers and refugees given leave to remain in the UK, or awaiting the results of an application to remain, are regarded as ordinarily resident and entitled to full NHS GP treatment.

Please find below our policy regarding your registration.

  • We have a catchment area within which you must live.

All patients must have an identifiable purpose for his/her residence in the UK and that purpose must have sufficient degree of continuity to be properly described as ’settled’.

Our doctors need the correct medical records for you. In order for these to be traced we will need to know your Full Name, date of birth, current address and previous doctor.

This should be supported by production of two supporting documents to confirm these details one of which must confirm your address is within our catchment area.

  • Provide supporting evidence of identity. I.e. National Passport, Photo Driving Licence, National Identity Card, Application Registration Card (ARC) and visa where applicable.
  • Personal bank / credit card, National Insurance card, NHS Medical Card.
  • Evidence that you are ordinarily resident in the UK and have been for 6 months. I.e. Utility Bill, Tenancy agreement, Bank Statements, Mortgage statements, Council Tax bill, or other official / Government correspondence verifying proof of address.

If you have just come into the UK we will need proof that you intend to work or study in the UK.

  • Work Permit or supporting letter from your employer or the education provider.

Do you reside outside the UK for more than 90 days?

If you do you maye no longer qualify for the full range of NHS services. There is often confusion as to entitlement where a person goes to live and or work overseas and may return intermittently to the UK, for example for a holiday or to see family and friends. A person who may be legitimately registered with a GP practice, but later decides to live, study and or work overseas would not be entitled to continue to receive free NHS treatment, other than in an emergency, if they return to the UK on a holiday or for a short period before returning overseas. They should have surrendered their NHS medical card when leaving the country.

This action does not preclude you from receiving treatment in an emergency or if you require Immediately Necessary Treatment, but if the treatment includes a hospital referral or any treatment delivered beyond Accident and Emergency in an Acute Hospital then it will be chargeable as a private patient.

We strongly advise patients to arrange Private Health Insurance for future visits to the United Kingdom.

If you are a previous UK Resident and intend to return permanently to the United Kingdom you can apply to register with us but you will be expected to demonstrate you have returned to resettle for more than 3 months. Documentation as listed above will be required.

If you cannot provide the necessary documentation and you need to see a GP we will see you as an emergency and you can provide the documentation at a later date.

If the GP decides your consultation is not an emergency you will be charged for the consultation and given a receipt.

  • On receipt of documentation showing proof of residence and identity we will fully register you with the surgery, subject to the Practice list being open.
  • If you are unable to provide proof of residency and identity you may be refused registration.
  • If you have been refused registration you may appeal against the decision and the issue will be referred to the Practice Manager and Senior Partner.

Thank you for complying with our registration policy

This ensures you are eligible for the full range of NHS services, the correct medical records are obtained and you live within our catchment area.

Should you require any further information regarding our policy, or have any questions regarding the NHS please contact The Primary Care Support Services on : 0208 274 6000